Why you need a snugbag:

8 reasons why the snugbag cover is so special.


1. It will keep you and your baby warm even on cold days.

You can close your jacket and your baby will still be kept comfortably warm, so you won't need thick layers of clothing making it tight and uncomfortable to use your carrier or wrap.


2. Fits everybody!

Whether it be mum, dad, grandma, grandpa aunt, uncle, friends or a babysitter - the snugbag can be used by anyone as it isn't tailored to a specific jacket or person.


3. You can transform it into a bag for your carrier or wrap!

The cover with the carrier converts easily into a bag, so everything is stored away in snap.


4. It is simple to attach the snugbag to your wrap or carrier.

By using clips you can quickly and easily attach the cover to either your wrap or carrier, making the convoluted wraps or buttons of other covers obscolete. This means that your baby can remain in the carrier undisturbed while you put the snugbag on or take it off!.


5. It is made using high-grade fabrics.

Whether it is high-end, thin softshell fabric, windstopper fleece or UV-protective material: our fabrics are all used in outdoor sports, most are highly breathably and come, depending on use, with a TEX membrane for more comfort and functionality.


6. Thanks to its reflective application it is highly visible in the dark as well.

While you are out and about with your baby in twilight or dark conditions, you won't be just a "dark spot". Thanks to the reflective star application on the front of the cover you will be visible even from afar!


7. The snugbag is quality "made in Germany".


8. Of course you can also use it as a blanket for your baby seat.

Our fabrics will keep your baby cosy and warm and most are breathable.