1. Does the snugbag carrier cover *belt* fit every baby carrier?
     The *belt* models fits nearly all common carriers . You can also locate the manufacturers of suitable carriers here.
     Important is that th carrier is equipped with back straps positioned at rib level.


2. Why doesn't the snugbag carrier cover come with a matching hat like some others?
    As individual as every baby is, so are their heads. depending on age and size, head circumferences differ greatly. Therefor,
    a universally made hat on the cover would never really fit. Your baby's own hat is always going to be better fit.


3. What can I do when I have lost a tether or strap?
     You can of course easily reorder the matching tethers and straps from us. Just contact us.


4. Do the thinner fabrics of the snugbag carrier cover keep my baby nice and warm?
    Some of the fabrics are in fact not as thick. That doesn't say much about their heat retention however. We use performance fabrics
    that often contain a special membrane for example. This for instance keeps wind off which can often cause loss of body heat.


5. Can I customise the snugbag carrier cover to my baby?
    Below the support buttons/clips on the top right and left of the cover you will find a cord stopper to pull the long elastic
    running through the bottom part of the cover tight. This will allow you to pull the cover snug around your baby and tuck any excess
    elastic in. The cover is delivered slightly preadjusted, so you will have an easier time putting it on the first go.


6. How long will the snugbag carrier cover fit my baby?
    You can use the cover well until your baby is about 2 years old. Most baby-wearing mums or dads carry their babies until they can
    safely walk independantly. Our experience shows that the little rascals do not like to be carried past that point, because they
    would like to explore the world and often are generally fairly heavy now.


7. How should I dress my baby when using the snugbag carrier cover?
    Usually you don't have to dress any warmer or lighter that you would anyways. Keep in mind that every baby is an individual: there are
    children that sweat easily and children that get cold just as easily, so you will of course need to dress them accordingly. It is advisable
    to just test for yourself whether your baby will need that extra layer of clothing or not.
    During those very cold days that dip into freezing temperatures you probably should put an extra layer on your child, though. A light
    fleece or wool romper for example has proven to be a great choice.

8. Where is the snugbag carrier cover made?
    The snugbag carrier cover is completely made in Germany. So it is truly a quality product "Made in Germany"!


9. How can I contact the snugbag team should I have further questions or suggestions or if I need a consultation?
    It is easiest if you fill out the contact form on our website. But feel free to also send us an e-mail to Either way
    you can let us know if you would like a personal call back. In this case, please don't forget to submit your phone number, we will
    gladly call you.