Instruction to transform into a bag



1. Place your snugbag carrier cover inside up on a level surface.Place your folded carrier in the middle at the bottom.

2. Take the shoulder strap at the iside bottom of the cover out of its elastic loop. Fold the sides of the cover toward the middle over the carrier or wrap.

3. + 4. Attach the shoulder strap on the left and right at the underside of the carrier cover by the grey snaps..

5. Place the top part of the cover onto the bottom part with the baby carrier and close the colour coordinated snaps.

6. Flips the cover's collar in and your bag for baby carrier or wrap is ready to go!



Instruction to attach the *clip* models to a carrier or wrap


1. Just flip the top clip closest to the collar in and attach it to the shoulder strap of your baby carrier or the fabric of your wrap.

2. Then simply clip the bottom clip to the back strap, your wrap or your jumper/jacket.




Instruction to attach the *belt* models to a baby carrier



1. First take a tether off the snugbag cover. "Top" is where you can see the light grey seam. Tie the tether back onto the upper strap of your baby carrier and close the velcro. Then do the same to your carrier's back strap. Just fold in the tether if it is too long, so its velcro doesn't get stuck on your clothing.

2. Now all you need to do is attach the cover to the silver snaps and pull the elastic tight enough that it is snug around your baby's legs.