How the snugbag carrier cover was born...

Using the snugbag carrier cover, your can from now on close your jacket and still carry your baby cosily and safly. You have your choice of subtle and stylish designs. No matter which style you choose, you will definitely be recognised as a fashionable mum while out and about!


Of course there are already other carrier covers that can keep your baby warm. However what sets the snugbag carrier cover apart from other covers ist that you can transform it into a bag to store you carrier/wrap. Other covers are complicated to attach and generally will not let you detach them individually ar easily from that carrier. And even if that is the case, you still have to deal with an additional messy bundle on top of having your diaper bag and other things with you.

ohne_snugbag               mit_snugbag1

The snugbag carrier cover will therefore make your life that much easier! Both your carrier/wrap along with the cover are stowed away neatly in a single bag with no messy straps to worry about dangling on the ground.

You can also find all available models here!