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Wind-stopper fleece grey/white *clip*


The carrier cover is made of a sturdy, two-tone fleece. Integrated between those two fleece layers is a wind-stopper membrane, making the cover warm, windproof and nearly waterproof. Just the thing for cold days!
Thanks to the reflective star application on the front of the cover you will be visible even in the dark.

The new *clip* model is universal and can be used with any carrier or wrap. To accomplish this, it is fastened with four clips to the carrier or wrap, so you can quickly and easily put it on or take it off!

Turned into a bag, you can stow your carrier or wrap away and always have both readily available.


Material: Polyester

Features: warming, breathable, wind proof





Care instructions:
Machine wash cold (30°C), do not tumble dry. Please do not iron and do not bleach.





Choking and strangulation hazard
Elastic bands and small parts - not suited as toy for children!


Note: The snugbag carrier cover is not a replacement for a baby carrier. Please only use in combination with a suitable baby carrier or wrap.

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